Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit - Heart Failure Update


Program Agenda (2020)


  • Lifestyle Management: Vaping and CV Disease; Optimal Diet for Heart Health
  • Latest Update of Clinical Trials: COLCOT; REDUCE-IT; COMPASS; ISCHEMIA
  • Heart Failure: HF Guidelines; PARAGON-HF; DAPA HF; GALACTIC-HF
  • Ischemic Disease and The Heart: CREDENCE; Amyloid Heart Disease; Cardio-Oncology
  • Valves: Future New Populations for TAVR; Patient Selection for MV Intervention; Minimally Invasive Tricuspid Valve Surgery
  • Diabetes/Lipids: Clinical Impact of SGLT-2 Inhibitors; CV Outcomes Trial; Beyond PCSK9
  • Personalized Medicine/Big Data: Could ECG Predict HF; New Technologies in CV Care

Who should attend:

  • Cardiovascular specialists
  • Internists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Heart failure care teams
  • CV Trainees, Residents and Fellows
  • Basic scientist interested in CV disease
  • Interested primary care providers
  • Researchers interested in AI/Big Data Science with an impact on Healtcare (Faculties of Engineering, Mathematics, Business and Computer Science)


The overall goal of this joint symposium is to promote the exchange of existing knowledge from innovative cellular research, through translation, to foster dissemination and collaboration, leading to better cardiovascular outcomes.

Upon completion of this program participants should be able to:

  • Describe the pharmacology of cannabis and its effects on the cardiovascular system
  • Identify and follow optimal diet for heart health while recognizing the challenges due to conflicting nutrition messages and ensure delivery of evidence-based data
  • Have an overview of cardiac Amyloidosis, including its specific types, cardiac features and disease burden
  • Recognize the impact of other organs on the heart and choose appropriate management strategies from multi-disciplinary teams
  • Review appropriate management of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapies across various cardiovascular conditions and the most recent guidelines
  • Explore pharmacological and non-pharmacological options in atrial fibrillation management
  • Evaluate effectiveness and potential limitations of current and emerging pharmacotherapy therapies for LDL reduction
  • Review the latest guidelines and newer pharmacological agents for management of diabetic heart disease
  • Choose effective imaging strategies for assessment of valvular disease
  • Describe emerging surgical therapies in heart failure; in particular, advance valve interventions
  • Discuss evidence from late-breaking trial results and the impact on cardiovascular care

Last Update: March 10, 2020
Key: TOHS - Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit
Day 1

Thursday June 25, 2020

Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit (TOHS)
7:00 Registration and Breakfast
7:50 Welcome and Introduction
Drs. Peter Liu and Michael Farkouh
8:00 PLENARY LECTURE: Towards More Patient-Centered Cardiovascular Care: The Role of PROs in Clinical Trials, Clinical Care and Quality Assessment.
Dr. John Spertus
8:30-10:05 TOHS Session 1: Lifestyle Management
Chair: Dr. Peter Liu
8:30 Vaping and Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Robert Reid
8:55 Optimal Diet for Heart Health: Highlights from Canada Food Guide
9:20 Tai Chi and Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher
9:45 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
10:05 Health Break
10:30-12:25 TOHS Session 2: Latest Update of Clinical Trials
Chair: Drs. Peter Liu and Michael Farkouh
10:30 COLCOT Trial
Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif
Dr. Michael Miller
Dr. Shaun Goodman
11:45 ISCHEMIA Trial
Dr. John Spertus
12:05 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
12:25 Lunch
Trainee and Mentorship Networking
1:30-3:05 TOHS Session 3: Valves
Chair: Drs. Maral Ouzounian and Anita Asgar
1:30 Mitral Clip - Determining Patient Eligibility and Success
Dr. Anita Asgar
1:50 Tricuspid Valve - The Forgotten Valve
2:10 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
2:20 TAVI Debate: TAVI should be first line for low risk patients with severe symptomatic AS
Drs. Harindra Wijeysundera (Sunnybrook) and Talal Al-Atassi (TAVI Surgeon, Ottawa)
3:05 Health Break
3:35-5:20 TOHS Session 4: Systemic Disease and the Heart
Chair: Dr. Susanna Mak
3:35 CREDENCE Trial
Dr. David Cherney
4:00 Amyloid Heart Disease
Dr. Sarah Cuddy
4:25 Cardio-Oncology
Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley
4:50 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
5:20 Adjournment
Day 2

Friday, June 26, 2020

Toronto Ottawa Heart Summit (TOHS)
7:00 Registration and Breakfast
7:50 Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Peter Liu
8:00-10:20 TOHS Session 5: Acute Coronary Syndrome
Chair: Dr. Shamir Mehta
8:00 COMPLETE Trial
Dr. Mehta Shamir
Dr. Derek So
8:40 AF and PCI
9:00 TWILIGHT Trial
Dr. Vladimir Dzavik
9:20 Debate: Left Main Disease Surgery or PCI
Drs. Michael Farkouh and Marc Ruel
10:05 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
10:20 Health Break
10:50-1:05 Session 6: Heart Failure
Chair: Peter Liu
10:50 Update on HF Guidelines
Dr. Shelley Zieroth
11:30 DAPA HF Trial
11:50 VICTORIA Trial
Dr. Paul Armstrong
12:10 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
12:30 Rapid Fire Oral Presentations
(5 Top-Ranked Abstracts)
1:05 Lunch
Trainee and Mentorship Networking
2:00-3:30 Session 7: Diabetes/Lipids
Chair: Dr. Michael Farkouh
2:00 Potential Mechanisms of Why SGLT2 Inhibitors May Have Clinical Benefit
Dr. Peter Lin
2:25 Beyond PCSK9
Dr. Dominic Ng
2:50 GLP1 Receptor Agonist
Dr. Michael Farkouh
3:15 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
3:30 Health Break
3:50–5:20 Session 8: Personalized Medicine/Big Data
Chair: Dr. Douglas Lee
3:50 Could ECG Predict HF?
4:15 Use of Digital Health Platforms to Streamline Therapy Selection in HF
Dr. Abhinav Sharma
4:40 AI
5:05 Active Learning: Case-based panel discussion
5:30 Closing Remarks & Adjournment

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